In ancient times, women felt like a goddess when they gave birth. Giving birth was a ritual that revealed a woman’s inner power. Women who gave birth were supported with respect and love while revealing the miracles in them. Birth is the most special experience that a woman can have in her life.

Today, our relationship with birth is often formed from the horror stories we hear from our mothers and our social environment or  the movies we watch; Will I get to the hospital in time? What if my waters break in the street? What are the risks? Will I suffer?

What has happened for this miracle that a woman experiences through her body to turn into such a negative emotion?

Annezen Birth Preparation Training provides an opportunity for mothers to get in touch with the inner strength they already have again. In this sense, this is not  training, but a reminder of what you already possess …

With our help, couples will learn about what their options are, how to cope with contractions, the first contact with your baby and forming an attachment with your baby, as well as theoretical information about the physiology of birth, breathing and relaxation techniques, meditation, imagination techniques, active birthing positions, obstetric interventions and, cesarean births

Our training empowers parents to believe in their own body and inner strength, to have physical, mental and spiritual integrity, and to possess a strong sense of parenthood a readiness to meet their new baby.

We encourage couples to participate in decisions-making based on their own preferences, to feel the excitement of the birth, to feel enormous satisfaction from the birth, and to bring their babies into the world with compassion and love. We help couples to participate in the birth together taking the training as a couple, allowing them to step forward together from the outset speaking the same language of birth.